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About Us 


Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking is an incorporated 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. 

OUR MISSION is to present active approaches to community development and socioeconomic sustainability. 

Our Core Values

Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking's (WOCPSCN)  core values are gender equality and equity with membership opportunities to replicate our Four Pillars (Principles of Practice) in women's health, education, community development, and global sustainability.

We invite you to share your commitment as we continue "affecting changes, making decisions" through our LI group, LI page, Ambassador Group Lists, and membership. 

Four Pillars:  Principles of Practice

WOCPSCN believes the United Nations Sustainable Development statement “…that action in one area will affect the outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.”  We address gender equality and equity through our replicable initiatives that address women's health, education, global sustainability, and community development. 

Our Four Pillar History
(Principles of Practice)


Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking was organized on LinkedIn in December 2009.  One year later, we established our monthly signature event, the AM Power Networking at local cafes.  Our first AMPN took place at Caffe 817, Oakland, CA, and then at Nuce Nuce Cafe', Antioch, CA.  Wanting to have a greater impact on the community, we created our first project, the Antioch (CA) Film, and Music Festival for Labor Day Weekend, 2011.  Although the event was canceled, our mission to maintain community socioeconomic sustainability motivated us forward.    
To enhance small business growth and development, in 2012, we established the B4B:  Business 4 Business Networking and Job Fair, held at the Scottish Rites Building, Oakland, CA, and the following year the Bay Point Community Center, Bay Point, CA.

JazzyJZ  Leadership-Building and Mentoring help to support young professionals to increase their business growth through mentorship and training.  We recognize their outstanding achievements during the JazzyJZ Achievement Awards.  The first Achievements Award ceremony took place at the Jazz Cultural Center in San Francisco's historic Fillmore district, in 2014.  In 2023, the WOCPSCN-NY Chapter conducted the JazzyJZ Achievement Awards.


Several members revealed their relationship to domestic violence, including Green-Williams.  Her youngest daughter, DaNeen Sarah-Latish Green was shot through the heart by her intimate partner and died 25 minutes later.  In 2013, our first global Walking In Silence for the Silenced:  DV Solidarity Walk took place on the campus of UCLA, throughout the USA, countries in Africa, the UK, and Australia.  Community Walks are encouraged to address local concerns around domestic violence.  As we Walk in global solidarity, it is a memorial Walk and Awareness Walk held annually on the first Saturday in November.

In 2021, A-1 Nail Salon (Jersey City, NJ) supported the Walk by polishing their thumbs purple.  We were so honored with their concept that we adopted their support through the "Purple Thumb:  WE SUPPORT THE WALK" campaign.   Salons are encouraged to polish guests' and clients' thumbs purple on the weekend of the Walk for Solidarity.  

Realizing more discussions were needed around the intersectionality of DV and women's health, the first Lena Baker DV & Women's Health Summit took place in 2021.  The virtual discussion was "Killing Me Softly With His Words:  A Child of God's Response to Domestic Violence"  with multiple faith communities represented.   The following year, a three-day virtual Summit garnered 674 virtual registered guests as we focused on the mental health effects of continuous physical and psychological traumas that plague Americans of the slavocracy system (ADOSS) through the music of Curtis Mayfield. 

Understanding the impact that the stigma of domestic violence produces, the Queen Nzinga Project Beauty Fete. The QNG is a community event that invites spas and salons to provide a day of beauty for DV survivors.   We also recognize the impact of diabetes on our communities through community campaign support.


Because we believe that education is the foundation of change, we adopted the UNSDG5

e-LEARNING Initiative by encouraging participants to complete at least five modules.  We added the Four Pillars: Principles To Practice Series to enhance conversations that take place at the GSP Convenes.

Women of African Diaspora Griots (WOADG)  brings awareness to gender literacy inequities.  This initiative raises funds for local book distribution through the embodiment of the ancient tradition of storytelling.
 The Urban Gurl/Suburban Swurl initiative is a community sports program whose goals are to increase leadership skills, and self-esteem, in girls ages 5-17 through sports. 

"As Lavender is to Purple" Honoree Lavender Luncheon is our international fundraising for education.  The Luncheon honors professional excellence in education, with the first Luncheon taking place in San Francisco, CA in 2012.  Honorees are given a Lifetime Membership and a seat on the International Advisory Council.  The Council enhances our global academic considerations, such as our continued support of God's Planet for Haiti Elementary School, Haiti,  WI.  

In June 2021, we heard the call of International Guest Speaker, Amb. Neil Parsan to move beyond discussions and create platforms of action. This motivated us to create Global Sustainability Partnerships (GSP) Our goals are to consider forms for measurable impact with the intent to take action to enhance global connectivity within gender equality and gender equity towards human rights; to consider global sustainable organization's presence within advanced conversations, and to ensure that there is a conscious approach for businesses and non-profits to exchange ideas through our annual Legacy Summit and Convene connections.   With the support of the International Congress Committee, the GSP sustains global advocacy designs that increase global effectiveness.  

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