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Become a Community Captain and create a Walk for your community

  1. Create your route (The Walk should be comfortable and community safe).

  2. Determine if you want some type of program after the Walk.

  3. Ask local salons and spas. and barbershops to participate in the "Purple Thumb" campaign (see below). The WOCPSCN Walk Committee will help you design your flyers/posts.

  4. Contact community services at your local police department. Inform them of your intent and ask if there is anything required.

  5. Inform your community of your Walk.

  6. Arrive early to assure all Walkers are registered and have signed the waiver.

  7. Assure everyone understands we are Walking in Silence in commemoration of those who lost their voices through death, are still in their trauma, or have been removed from their trauma at 10 am (your time zone).

  8. Take lots of pics and video drops for your social media platforms(#dvsolidaritywalk #wocpscn) and send them to WOCPSCN.

We will post your updates and information on our social media platforms, and website and list your Walk on the Eventbrite page.

We honor your time, talent, and commitment, and offer you a one-year Professional Membership ($250 value).


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