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4th Annual International Women's Month

New Paradigm Embodiments:  Gen Z's Work Ethics & Values

Friday, March 22, 2024, 12:30 PM EST/NYC


Special Guest Moderator, Ms. Juneann Lewis

The Juneann Lewis Show

Dr. Nika White, CDE®, IOMDr. Nika White, CDE®, IOM
Transforming leaders into Intentional Inclusionists®, Leadership & DEIB Executive Consultant, Organizational Strategist, Founder, Keynote Speaker/Facilitator, 3X Best Selling Author, Forbes Top 10 D&I TrailblazerTransforming leaders into Intentional Inclusionists®, Leadership & DEIB Executive Consultant, Organizational Strategist, Founder, Keynote Speaker/Facilitator, 3X Best Selling Author, Forbes Top 10 D&I Trailblazer
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Recently, I participated in a panel discussion hosted by Women of Concern Professionals and Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN) Board of Trustees and the JazzyJZ International Committee as part of their goal to ensure gender equity and equality. 

During Women's History Month, the annual panel discussion considers thought-provoking topics to inspire and create positive change. Today’s topic was New Paradigm Embodiments: Gen Z's Work Ethics & Values.

I was asked to share ways that Gen Z’s work ethics and values benefit society, particularly from a workplace operations perspective. I highlighted the importance of understanding how society shifts impact various aspects of life, including work environments, and the specific relevance in the context of Gen Z’s ethics and values.

1. Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion: Gen Z places a strong emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and representation. This value affects operations and project management, necessitating diverse teams and inclusive practices to foster innovation and creativity.


2. Remote Work and Flexibility: The paradigm shift towards remote work and flexibility, accelerated by the pandemic, is valued by Gen Z due to the work-life balance implications while maintaining productivity and collaboration.

3. Technology Integration: Gen Z's deep integration of technology into daily life improves immersive project planning and training.

4. Focus on Mental Health and Wellness: Gen Z's heightened awareness of mental health and wellness issues necessitates fostering a supportive team culture.

5. Environmental Sustainability: Gen Z's commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical consumption amplifies the need for eco-friendly practices in operations, reducing waste in project delivery, and considering the environmental impact of supply chains.

The opportunity for organizations to thrive by embracing diversity, flexibility, technology, wellness, and sustainability in the evolving landscape shaped by Gen Z has me hopeful for the future.
Thank you for the opportunity, Loretta Green-Williams.


Honoring Women That Have Changed the World

International Women's Month, 2024


Our Miraculous Women, 2023

The women of WOCPSCN have a miraculous historical relationship.  While we started as a social group on LinkedIn, we have the courage to consider that we can do greater things.  During Women's History Month, we honor the women that helped to build WOCPSCN.  

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Creating New Spaces for the Next Miraculous Woman

Congratulations to Agustina Z. Jannah
International Congress Council Member

In light of the commemoration of #InternationalWomensDay, I would like to share my noteworthy experience during the first quarter of 2023. I would first like to express my gratitude to Loretta Green-Williams who has always believed in me and provided unwavering support every step of the way. Additionally, I am thankful for Jude Akinyemi’s guidance and positive contributions to my personal and professional development.  Growing up in a culturally rich village community is often synonymous with #patriarchal ideals. As someone born and raised in a Javanese cultural environment, I take pride in my heritage. Javanese culture is characterized by a gentle, polite, and refined demeanor, which unfortunately is often interpreted as a bias that #Javanese women must obey all commands from their husbands, parents, in-laws, and even society. These attitudes have perpetuated #genderstereotypes that still exist in the public consciousness.  For example, some consider it unnecessary for #women to pursue higher education, as their future lies in domestic roles such as being a housewife. Others believe that high education is a waste of time and resources for women.  During the #sdgs 2023 conference held in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, I presented an essay titled:


This essay discussed the urgent need to combat gender stereotypes and #promote #genderequity and #equality, as enshrined in the fifth goal of the SDGs.  I am honored to have received recognition as the 🥈2nd best essay🥈 and to have had the opportunity to advocate for the eradication of gender stereotypes. To achieve this goal, I put women's empowerment as an essential solution.  As per the 2023 Statista Research Department, Indonesia is still ranked 92 out of 146 countries in terms of the international gender gap. We must promote women's leadership, education, entrepreneurship, political participation, health, and environmental sustainability to combat gender stereotypes and promote gender equity and equality. I am grateful to Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN) for allowing me to be a part of the International Congress Committee and for the opportunity to realize their vision and mission in #promoting equality and #justice for gender.

"Let's #accelerate SDGs by combatting gender stereotypes from the grounds!"

International Women's Month, 2023


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